Hi, my name is Jemila.

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I love astrology so much, but I don't love the small view of astrology that most of the world sees; sun sign horoscopes and predictive astrology. Astro means star, and logy means study, and that's all astrology is...the study of the stars. I just watch the stars and make my own subjective observations. And I've been obsessed for over 25 years. 


My beloved study of the stars has been associated with tarot, palm reading or any kind of future telling for so long, which has given it a bad rap. Not to disregard predictive astrology, but it is just one branch of the study, and it's not what I do. I want to reclaim this ancient system, as the simple tool it can be, for everyone to understand themselves and others a little better. We can use the language of astrology to identify the different facets of each of our individual and unique psyches and then attempt to truly see from the other's viewpoint.

So, let me introduce you to your Moon, Venus, and Mars. Most everyone knows what their Sun sign is, so we should definitely know our equal and opposite feminine side, our Moon...the yin to our Sun's yang. And after we have joined our personality's masculine and feminine sides, let's move on to look at our love lives. Let me introduce you to Venus and Mars, these two planets describe our relationships. Our Venus is how we love, who we love, and why we love them. Our Mars shows us our inner warrior, how we fight, or assert ourselves, what gets us going, excited, and lit up!

Each of the twelve signs have a distinct energy or vibration. Think of them like colors of the rainbow, or the twelve notes of the western musical scale. These are vibrations or frequencies that we experience from our own subjective viewpoint. Here is a visual page to show where we fnd these energies in nature. You are a vibration, a song, and your birth chart is the sheet music. Astrology is a language of symbols, like music. That's why astrologers "read" charts like musicians read music. This is why it drives me crazy when people say, "I don't believe in astrology". Would anyone say they don't believe in music? 

This website is my attempt to describe energy that you can really only feel, and my hope is that you can tune in and feel it yourself. Come on a journey with me, and listen with new ears... And let's have fun looking at how we relate to our relationships by exploring how the Moon, Venus and Mars color the landscape of our love lives. I love, adore and am totally obsessed with looking at how one chart relates to another...the art of relationships. How does your song harmonize with another's? What music do you make together?


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