Venus Experiment
Venus Experiment
Astrology from the heart's perspective
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Hi, Iโ€™m Jemila

Astro means star and logy means study. That's all astrology is, the study of the stars. I watch the stars and make my own observations. I have been an obsessive stargazer since 1992 and a practicing astrologer since 1997. 

I specialize in relationship astrology. I love, adore and am totally obsessed with looking at how one chart relates to another...the art of relationships. How does your song harmonize with another's? What music do you make together? Come on a journey with me, and listen with new ears....

Most everyone knows what their Sun sign is, but what about your Moon, Venus and Mars? If we know our Sun sign, why would we not know our equal and opposite, receptive side? Our Moon. And Venus and Mars describe our relationships. Venus is how we love, who we love, and why we love them. Mars shows us how we move, fight, dance, our sexuality and how we assert ourselves.


Stars and their stars