Chrissie Tiegen & John Legend

Their charts are beautiful together, just as they are. The first thing that stands out is that they both have Venus in Scorpio, The Magnet. How nice to love in exactly the same way as your love! They are both fiercely loyal and devoted and can just keep going deeper and deeper together. 

They also connect on the plane of fun loving Sagittarius. Her Sun is in Sagittarius, and his Moon is in Sagittarius, The Truth Seeker is circling around the warmth of her wild, adventurous spirit. This is a great dynamic to have when the man is the Moon and the woman is the Sun, because it tends to even out any gender inequalities, as long as the man has a strong enough ego to handle playing the role of the moon.

In addition to all this similarity and connection they have an integration of polarities or opposites, and that lovely sense of completion. She is a Cancer Moon The Lover and he brings the serious Capricorn with The Boss. He brings earthy stability to their relationship with his Capricorn Sun and Mars, providing the solid container for her nurturing Cancer Moon water. 

Jemila PendletonComment