Anthony Bourdain - A Sensitive One

Oh, what a world we live in, where our greatest heroes just can't take it anymore. Devastating. Kate Spade gone yesterday and Anthony Bourdain today.

There isn't a public birth time available for either of these two souls and both have their moons right on the edge of signs. Anthony's moon is right on the edge of Capricorn and Aquarius. Either way, it is squaring Neptune, which is the signature for a Sensitive One. My guess is Capricorn Moon and Gemini rising for him. What do you think? His Sun was in Cancer, which is already so sensitive.

The effect of Neptune on the Moon creates extra sensitive, absorbent, sponge-like emotions. These individuals absorb the emotional field around them and are often unable to distinguish their own feelings from those around them. Plus, there is a strong emotional impulse to transcend or escape reality. You could really see these qualities present in Anthony Bourdain. He would venture into new cultures, make friends, and truly become part of their families. He would always eat ANY kind of food or drink offered to him. This is exactly the energy of Moon/Neptune. Taking in (literally, by eating) his environment completely, and without boundaries (Neptune). 

Emotional openness and empathy are the gifts of the Sensitive Ones. Maybe we could be more aware of the Sensitive Ones around us? Can we help them feel safer in this crazy world? Can we offer more emotional support?