Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

These two have such a visibly great sense of humor together! They are always cracking each other up. Their Mercurys' and Suns' are opposing, in Cancer and Capricorn. Dax is the rock mountain (Capricorn) and Kristen is the nurturing stream (Cancer). With all oppositions we bring all that the other lacks to the table, and in doing so we find completion. With their opposite Mercurys' and in close degree aspect, they really get each other mentally. No jokes are lost on the other. The communication lines are open and running smoothly. 

Emotionally, they are a bit on different planes, but not at odds with each other, so this doesn't have to cause problems. She is the Charmer with her lovely Libra Moon and Dax is the Perfectionist, (which may be hard to see in this goofball, but remember that Moons are often hidden, especially in men). This is his feminine side and emotional nature, so he may just be holding that discriminating, Virgo magnifying glass up to himself. 

They also have great chemistry together with their Venus/Mars opposition. They are eachother's magnet in relationships. She is The Smartypants, always witty and fun, and attracting her opposite, the wild Mustang. So, her jokes turn him on, and his wild, reckless abandon makes her want to take a ride!

Jemila PendletonComment