Kim, Kanye and Neptune

These two have such similar signatures in their charts. They both have dreamy Pisces Moons involved in T-squares with Neptune and Jupiter. They both escape or transcend reality in a BIG way.

Kanye's square expresses through his Pisces Moon. He expresses his watery, dreamy, and sometimes tripped out emotions. Kim's square expresses through her Neptune, which is on her Sagittarius rising. She IS the mystery, the glamour, the illusion, and she embodies the escape itself. 

As far as their connection, their emotional bond is so strong with their moons in the same dreamy sign of Pisces. They have a total psychic connection. Pisces moons seem to be the most susceptible to the negativity of the times, even more than the other water moon signs. See Sensitive water moon signs. 

Their romantic and physical connection has a harmonious trine with Kim's earthy, business saavy Venus in Virgo trining Kanye's Mars in Taurus. Their love connection is in the earth plane. They show their love by buying gifts or doing chores for each other. And lots of tactile attention too. 

With their shared mutable square they can really think up a storm together. They can think up grand (Jupiter) illusions (Neptune) together too. Right now Neptune is excatly conjunct Kanye's Moon at 16 Pisces and dissolving his ideas of reality and illusion and sense of self. This could be a very creative, spiritual and transcendant transit. Or it could be very disassociative. We get to chose that part. 

I'm happy for them that they have both chosen a relationship that offers emotional support and empathy in a time when Pisces Moons seem to feel so alone. They are in the same boat together. I wish that this very influential family whose reputation has been materialistic and vapid are able to channel Neptune in its highest vibration for the greater good of our culture. It's possible. May it be transcendant for them.

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