Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

These two charts and these two beautiful souls are so magical together. They are both Sweethearts with Venus in Cancer, and for more twinsies, their Suns are also both in smartypants, playful, Peter Pan, Gemini.

These travelling sweethearts also have the sparkling connection of Sagittarius Moon with Aquarius Moon! These moon signs can space travel together in their spectacular philosophical connections. And they also travel well together too. NPH is the Truth Seeker and David is The Thinker.

Their physical energy, (Mars) is also well aligned, even though they are different signs. NPH is the sensitive Poet with his Mars in Pisces and David is The Warrior with his Mars in Aries, but they are only eight degrees apart, so they still are on a similar wavelength. They express their masculinity in incredibly different ways, yet they are also coming from a similar place.

What a beautiful connection these two have. Hooray that they found each other! And such an adorable family too!

Jemila PendletonComment