Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

These two have a lot of passionate, catalyzing aspects together. They must want to become diamonds! So much squaring can come out as fighting, but if the two people are very aware that they signed up for big growth in this relationship, and can see the "fight" in a new light, they can use their powerful connections to initiate great change and personal evolution..

Her Leo Sun is squaring his Taurus Moon, The Rock. So, her desire to lead and shine runs smack into his need for a peaceful domestic life. Also, his wild animal, Mars in Sagittarius, The Mustang is crashing up against her delicate, refined, Venus in Virgo sensibilities, but, it is in fact making that Venus in Virgo tree stronger. The final passionate catalyzing influence is his Venus in Libra, The Prince, (of course) squaring her Mars in Cancer Mama Bear. In this case, his need for social freedom bumps into her desire for cozy, sweet family harmony.

These two will make each other bigger. May they become diamonds together with grace, love, and acceptance of their differences.