Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has a complex chart with conflicting needs. Her Sun is in Aquarius and her Moon is in Sagittarius, The Truth Seeker, which is a tripped out combination. I always think of Lewis Carroll when I see this combo. These folks live in their own magical reality! She is a philosopher, but her playful and fun Sag Moon is slightly different than the typical one because it is squaring Pluto. This makes her playful heart much more serious, intense, and deeply attached. This travelling philosopher is simply a little more intense, similar to a Scorpio Moon, The Extremist

She is a Love Warrior with her Venus in Aries, which which often poses its own complications. These hot and fiery lovers really need to feel they are the one doing the chasing. They want to work for their love! Their biggest turn off could be someone freely offering up their heart's deepest devotion to her. They need a partner who can play it cool, is deeply committed, but in some way can sit back a bit and wait for her to initiate. In her case this influence is more emphasized, because her Venus in Aries is opposing Uranus which means she prefers complete and total autonomy in her relationships. You can see right away why she was drawn to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, because they are both such Mr Cools. Justin's aloofness is from his Mars in Aquarius and Brad has all his personal planets in the uncrackable nut of Capricorn. He loves like a rock mountain, which is at odds with her hot Love Warrior way. 

So, let's look at her guys. She's got a sense of completion with Justin's Leo Sun to her Aquarius Sun, so, on the surface, it's perfection! Emotionally, they both have fire moons, making them domestically compatible, which is nice and cozy. But Justin's Aries Moon is very involved in that same dance her Venus in Aries is doing with freedom loving Uranus. So, he needs emotional freedom, and she needs more emotional melding with her partner becasue deep and intense Pluto is sitting on her Moon. She wants freedom, big time, but not as much emotionally. She wants emotional commitment, like The Extremist. These two share the hot, independent Aries fire, which certainly adds to the passion, but they also share that need for the chase, and it's hard to have both partners wanting to take the lead.

Justin's Venus in Leo, his inner Diva, needs lots of loving strokes and attention and this energy is at odds with her Masculine side, that mysterious and intense Mars in Scorpio, her Sorceress side. This square can bring intense passion to physical chemistry but can also bring an undercurrent of disharmony. She wants him to relate on a deeper level, and that's usually when he is busy looking in the mirror. She really needs some Scorpio energy from the man in her life and her guys just haven't had any of that. She needs someone with just the same kind of conflicting needs that she has. Her ex, Gerard Butler was a little closer with his Scorpio Sun, but emotionally he is a rock mountain, Capricorn Moon, the CEO, like Brad. 

Jennifer's personal planets are all yang except for her Mars in Scorpio, and she will benefit greatly from independence and autonomy first and foremost in her relationships. It seems like she got that with Justin Theroux, but it apppears she hasn't been finding Scorpio intensity she needs to keep her emotionally engaged.. I hope she can find the freedom and also the depth she needs in her future partnerships! 

Jemila PendletonComment