Harvey Weinstein

He is The Sorcerer (Mars in Scorpio), which is a dangerously powerful placement he shares with Bill Cosby, Steven Seagal and Charlie Sheen. Also, Kevin Spacey has Mars conjunct Pluto, which behaves like Mars in Scorpio. Intense desire for power is created with Mars in Scorpio or with Mars in aspect to Pluto. Harvey Weinstein has a double dose of this power trip with Mars in Scorpio AND it is simultaneously squaring Pluto too.

This placement of Mars is like carrying around a formidable weapon. Those with Mars in Scorpio, or Mars in aspect to Pluto, need to first be aware of their own power and then discipline it into a well controlled ally. The sexual energy cannot be stronger than Mars in Scorpio. It demands a healthy outlet or it can cause distortions of natural sexual expression , and abuses of power.

We can see the most negative manifestation of this intense energy in Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. Even Mahatma Ghandi couldn't escape his Mars in Scorpio's dark side. The more we push down the darkness the stronger it becomes. 

Bruce Lee and Joe Rogan are examples of Sorcerers who have obviously harnessed this highly charged power into building strength in their bodies, and have literally turned themselves into weapons. It is unlikely that the negative side needs to be expressed through them as they are already releasing and using that intense energy so thoroughly. 

Update: 6/1/2018

Add Morgan Freeman to the list of Mars in Scorpio Sorcerers that couldn't handle that intense power. Sigh.

Jemila PendletonComment