Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner is a Trailblazing (Aries Moon) Love Warrior (Venus in Aries) and Joe Jonas is The Refined (Venus in Virgo) AND a Fixer (Mars in Virgo). That may seem like a lot of fire for the delicate plant life that Virgo is, but Joe is a Leo, so he likes desert plants. Also, he is a Libra rising, so all of Sophie's fiery Aries lends him a sense of completion. She is the yang to his yin. And she loves his yin. Sophie is The Poet (Mars in Pisces), so she really gets off on a man who is in touch with his artistic, feminine side. She probably feels that same sense of completion from the Virgo side of Joe. He is a grounding force for her, and she is the water for his desert tree. 

They also harmonize emotionally. She Trailblazes (Aries Moon) ahead, while he is always game to join her. Joe is The Thinker (Moon in Aquarius), so loves an exciting and stimulating emotional world. He will find an endless source of inspiration in her.


Jemila PendletonComment