Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

The strongest connection between these two is the emotional one. Their moons are exactly opposite, and just by one degree of separation. Justin is The Charmer (Libra Moon) and Selena is The Trailblazer (Aries Moon). He is the cool air that keeps her fire burning. Emotionally, he is there for her and vice versa. It's the feeling of really being understood, supported and almost emotional completion. The opposite moon offers exactly what you lack.

Also, they have that big time chemistry aspect with her Venus opposite his Mars. Mr Cool (Mars in Aquarius) thinks The Diva (Venus in Leo) is the hottest goddess that ever walked the earth and that's just what she needs. But, he may need more freedom than she does. They both also have some heavy aspects with Mars and Pluto in their own charts, which is basically matching wounds. This heavy aspect can bring sexuality and control issues together in a scary way. So, they have the opportunity to deeply hurt AND truly heal each other. Looks like they have already done both. Hope they continue with more healing.

Jemila Pendleton