Sofia Vergara & Joe Mangianello

Well, you don't need to look at their charts to see the heat these two share, but when you do, whoa! I squealed with joy when I saw their charts! They have the aspect for the hottest physical chemistry you can have. (Which is one person's Venus opposite the other's Mars.) And they have it times two! What? It's like they have found the holy grail of passion. 

Sofia's Smartypants side (Venus in Gemini) is flirty and playful, and directly opposite Joe's Mustang side (Mars in Sagittarius). She may only have to tell him a silly joke to fully ignite his animal passion. And here's the times two...his Free Spirit (Venus in Aquarius), is opposite her Hero side (Mars in Leo), so when he is being so cool and independent she becomes an animal herself, a lioness! 

Every relationship has different things to offer. There is no such thing as a "perfect" chart match. It's not possible. Believe me, I spent entire days in my twenties looking through an ephemeris for my perfect match, and found it didn't exist. There's always something funky or difficult. It can be helpful to consciously look with astrology glasses at what a relationship has to offer, and the reasons why you attracted it in the first place. These two are so connected to their bodies; both famous as sex symbols. So, isn't it cool that because of their connection to their own animal nature they attracted the hottest passion ever!

Jemila PendletonComment