Maybe our Shadow Just Needs a Drink?

As Mars joins with the South Node today we are granted an enormous opportunity to let go of old patterns in our actions that no longer serve us. As the Dragon or the T-Rex stands before us all right now, let's offer it kindness. Are we reacting to the dragons before us? Let's take a we can respond from our hearts.

With the Moon in Scorpio for the next two days, emotions are running high in all of us. We may face the choice, defensiveness or kindness? If we are open to the dark, depths of our emotions today, biiiiiiig expansion is available as the Moon aligns with Jupiter. Whatever we feel today will be amplified by Jupiter! Okay, big love here we come!

This is all preparation for next Friday's Total Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. There sure is a lot of fear hype going around about this one. It is big. It is huge. This eclipse is a huge opportunity for us to discover new levels of freedom and liberation. The biggest message in this eclipse is freedom. Uranus will be squaring the Sun and Moon, asking us to be open to change. Electric, lightening change is coming for all of us. It is exciting!!! That's what we're feeling. There's a very fine line between fear and excitement. More thoughts to come on this big eclipse....Love, love, love guide us.