Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Here we go!!! 

The shift is happening whether we're ready or not. So we might as well jump. If you find yourself falling, jump! Four fixed energies come together this week to offer us collective ascension. That's all. This Total Lunar Eclipse is The Shift. This is it.

These four pictures symbolize the forces coming together...

The alien warrior within us all (Moon, Mars and the South Node in Aquarius) is retracing her steps and looking back at how far she has come. She sees the old karmic stories playing out in this past, prestent, future spiral and she is armed and ready to cut out the painful attachments lodged in the stories. Now she can finally hear what is being told to her. When her judgments are removed, the truth is revealed.  

On her journey backwards, the first fixed figure she encounters is the Lion, The Sun. The greatest light shines all of its brilliance on her path so that she may see it all. All the dramas and all the stories that have ever been told and retold and relived. What really happened? Or, what is happening in this story right now? Are we writing just this moment or are we writing all of it right now? 

Jack Skellington or Jupiter in Scorpio brings all that was hidden up to the surface for even more of the old stories to be seen. And then asks us, "What do you want for a Halloween Christmas this year?" And then he gives us a handfull of bats or whatever we hid way down deep, so deep we even hid it from ourselves.

And now for the grand entrance of the leader of this great ritual, Uranus. This planet is awakening and electrifying us and our planet Earth in the sign of Taurus. All that was once solid, unconscious form is now being jolted into awareness. The key with Uranus is to move with it. The more rigid we are, the more Uranus will need to shake us. Uranus wants us to rise above any kind of dense unconsciousness. Every-thing is becoming alive now.

In this grand cross of strong, fixed energy, we can choose to see these four forces facing off in a war within or without, or we could see them joining together and allowing Uranus to liberate all of it. This is the turning point. This is the shift. What is the "face off" in our psyche? Where are we resisting change? And once we see, we are free. This is a grand square and squares mean catalyzations, crossroads, a step will be taken. These four fixed corners are waking up.

The Alien Warrior within us all (The Moon and Mars in Aquarius) comes from planet Uranus, so this Uranian eclipse is bringing her spaceship home!