Beyonce & Jay Z

These two have a unique emotional connection. Beyonce is The Extremist (Scorpio Moon), and Jay Z is The Charmer (Libra Moon), which aren't on the same wavelength. He is more mental about his feelings, while she gets all wrapped up in the waves of emotion that can take over her body. In spite of these differences, both of their Moons are conjunct Uranus, making each of them have a deep need for total emotional freedom. They both demand the same autonomy around home, mothering, and all things domestic, which makes them very emotionally compatible. 

There is also harmonious physical chemistry in their charts which can make things light and easy. She is The Princess (Venus in Libra), harmonizing with playful Mr Cool (Mars in Aquarius). They are both on Team Freedom, which adds more priority for each of them to maintain their individual autonomy. In addition, Jay Z is The Magnet (Venus in Scorpio) which means he loves her intense Scorpio Moon emotions, and is as deeply committed as she is. This is a tough combo to that are fiercely committed while simultaneously needing full autonomy. In general, people tend to lean more to one side than the other. They make such a lovely match because they both have the same conflicting inner needs.

Jemila PendletonComment