Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

Gwen is of course The Refined. We didn't need to look it up tp know that. What stands out first to me is that these two really have a harmonious and sweet emotional connection. They are both Sensitive Ones. Gwen is The Lover and Blake is The Dreamer. They can be in comfy, cozy domestic bliss together. Both of their exes were CEOs and Capricorn Moons can be pretty tough nuts to crack, and emotional sensitivity is not their strong suit. So, it must be very refreshing for them both to be with someone that is as emotionally sensitive as they are. 

They are both in the midst of very big Neptune transits right now which means the rose colored glasses are on for a few years. Neptune is directly opposing Gwen's Venus in Virgo right now, meaning she is seeing her ideal, her dream man in Blake, but she may not be seeing very clearly right now. When Neptune moves on in a few years, her rose colored glasses will come off and she may not feel the same when hard, cold reality sets in. Transiting Neptune dissolves all prior ideals and standards about love and red flags are seen but easily dismissed. 

Neptune can take us to the ethereal, transcendant places and that is the beauty of this asect for them. They are both channelling it in such a beautiful way by writing albums of music for each other.

Neptune crossing right over Blake's dreamy Pisces Moon is really just intensifying his already dreamy, romantic emotional world. This dreamer has just floated off to sea on the Neptune sailboat. He may be even more unrealistic about his emotions than usual and he may be over giving without realizing it. When Neptune sails on and the rose colored glasses come off it may be more of a harsh reality check for the practical Gwen than the dreamer who has always been  sailing the seas.



Jemila Pendleton