Full Moon in Aries

This Full Moon in Aries is only two days after we turn the corner of Equinox, when the Sun reaches zero degrees of Libra. On 9/22/2018 at 6:55pm PDT the Sun steps into the high energy of the season change point of the Autumn Equinox and just after, we have the Full Moon on 9/24/2018 at 7:52pm PDT at only 2 degrees of Aries and conjunct Chiron at zero degrees.

There are four players in this ritual, Sun, Moon, Chiron and Saturn and they join hands together in this ritual in a T square formation. This powerful joining of cardinal signs of action and the focus of the square is Saturn! Wow! These are very important steps in a new direction in real life.

The Sun in Libra brings us out of the past six months of a very personal journey and out into the mirror of “the other”. On the other side of this polarity, is the Moon and Chiron, joined together, feeling emotional, raw and exposed in Aries. Chiron is called the wounded healer but its symbol is literally a key. So, the wound is the KEY here, and the light of the moon is lighting our wound up. This wound/key is at zero degrees of Aries, the pure essense of the beginning of life…the baby. The baby inside is feeling the wound of pure life itself, and there in lies the key.

All the focus of this polarity of self/others and the first wound is being channeled into Saturn. Saturn at 3 degrees is just beginning its run through its home sign of Capricorn. We are at the very first steps of building a new physical reality. Saturn will be pushing on us in the square aspect and asking us to push back. We will grow so strong in this mutual pushing. Saturn is asking us to create sovereignty within ourselves.

These three powerful points are a crossroads on the begnning degrees of the cardinal axis. The cardinal axis is source. The initiation, the beginnings, the inspiration of life.

With this full moon go into your raw, Aries emotions to find your key, connect with "the other” and focus that relationship into laying the foundation of the new reality. Saturn is giving us the pen and paper to draw up the future…

Jemila Pendleton