New Moon in Virgo Oppposite Neptune

On 9/9/2018 11:01 PDT, the Sun and Moon join together to begin a new cycle in the energy of all Plantlife, and opposite Neptune. In the symbolic language of astrology, this is the Trees (Virgo) coming together, through the axis of polarity, with Water (Neptune). What a beautiful polarity of such a huge part of our world! All the trees and all the water! What incredible power in Virgo and Pisces coming together!

The Sun and Moon will also align with Pluto and Jupiter creating a cradle chart formation at 4 yin, magnetic, fertile points. This looks to me like an ideal place to grow and create from. What will we grow? The ground is so incredibly fertile!

The New Moon at 17* Virgo makes a trine to Pluto at 18* Capricorn, who brings a huge energy boost to this mutable pair. This allows for deep, solid, in the world transformation. The New Moon also sextiles Jupiter at 18* Scorpio who is ready to expand whatever it touches. This is a powerhouse of a New Moon! It may seem mutable, yin and peaceful but this is the womb of creation here! To finish it off, we have the opposition to Neptune at 15* Pisces, in which the veils are lifted between all the worlds as we take a REAL journey into the depths of the waters. What is illusion and what is real? What if the illusion is reality? Let's float a bit, and also be aware of what we are creating.


Jemila Pendleton