New Moon in Libra Square Pluto

On October 8th the Sun and Moon align for the New Moon in love, harmony and beauty ruling Libra. This is a cardinal new moon, bringing in strong, new energy for us to direct consciously. When the Sun and Moon come together at 15 degrees Libra, they meet up with Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn, at a crossroads, a square aspect. Pluto asks these lighthearted Libra sweethearts to get serious and examine what they really need to survive. Pluto in Capricorn asks, “What structures serve your highest purpose and what structures are your prison?” This intense square can come out in power struggles, or we have the choice to let the Sun and Moon within surrender and transform completely. Libra often says, “I’m okay if you’re okay.” Well, Pluto is not ever “okay”, so this is the time for Libra to turn that mirror back on themselves and surrender to the transformation that Pluto brings when we jump into the cauldron.

How divinely scripted this dance is as this Libra New Moon is so intertwined with Pluto all while Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, has just begun her retrograde journey in the Pluto ruled sign of Scorpio. I hear so many astrologers say, “Venus doesn’t like being in Scorpio.” Yes, we know it is in detriment. This classification is a learning tool, nothing more. Can we drop this idea please? Venus does not judge as she moves through the 12 elemental energies. We judge. Venus only loves. And now Venus is loving us to the very depths of our soul. Why would Venus not relish in this watery, dark journey of self-mastery and transformation? She loves it! In Scorpio she is fearless, strong and devoted in her loving and she says “bring it on”!

Art by Amy Erickson (notthingham91) at Flickr

Jemila Pendleton