Full Moon In Gemini

November 22, 2018 Full Moon is exact at 9:39PM PST at 0*52’ Gemini

Mars is the key player in this full moon ritual. In this big, mutable T square, the focus of the full moon is channeling into Mars in Pisces, the apex of the square. This Mars makes me think of the drunk uncle character on SNL. He has a lot to say and it's basically all based on his misunderstandings. So, with this full moon we can become, or be witness to the drunk uncle. Alternatively, we can choose to become spiritual warriors uniting all conflicting paradigms! No biggie. And here in the United States, this just so happens to align with Thanksgiving, where the big joke is family fights! We may want to tread lightly around religious or political discussions at the dinner table this year especially.

The three mutable energies of this full moon are going in three different mental directions. It's all about our beliefs, ideas, philosophies, and paradigms. Full Moons show us polarity, and shine a light on both sides of that polarity. And in this full moon, the light is shining on three sides! So, our job is to integrate these seemingly opposite energies. Here are the three players… 

Player number one is a party of Sagittarius; Sun, Mercury and Jupiter! We have finally crawled our way out of the dark swamp of the Sun in Scorpio and we're flooded with the light of the Sagittarius Sun! We are finally looking up and towards our goals, hopes and dreams! And with Jupiter there too, our vision is expanding exponentially! We now see where we want to shoot our arrows of manifestation into the future!

Player number two is the flirty and precocious full moon in Gemini. This goofball has a lot to say! The two sides of Gemini are the logical, objective scientist and the silly big kid. And these two sides both want to socialize and talk it all out. This is the news junkie that wants to devour and disseminate ALL the information. Cue a fun song for the playful Gemini Moon!

Player number three, and really the star of this full moon show, is Mars in Pisces, who just wants to write poetry...or get drunk. This spiritual warrior wants to connect us all with a creative process, a mystical dance, a poem that unites every heart into the flow of oneness. Mars in Pisces can flow in any and all directions. How will you embody this flow? The drunk uncle, or the magical artist that unifies it all? And if you see the drunk uncle, hey he's pretty funny! We can laugh with him!

The Full Moon will be lighting up our dreams and visions for the future, but it will also illuminate the shadows as well. The dark side of Sagittarius is righteousness. The shadow side of Gemini is being able to rationalize anything, which linked up with their wordsmithing gifts, can make them masters of deception. The dark side of Pisces is escapism, or a victim mentality. So, if you see any of these shadows at your dinner table tomorrow, remember the light that they are accompanied by. If we can set aside our righteousness, our attachments to our ideas, and our need to escape or play the victim, we have an incredible opportunity to truly explore and create new paradigms with this full moon. 

These three energies all connect through their mutable modality, which is an easy going, mental energy of transition. So, all of this opposite energy connects through humor and a non denominational spirituality. Let’s meet there. On the inside and the outside.

Jemila PendletonComment